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Internet Family History - 2018 update

Internet Family History by Cora Num was published 2012 and fully revised and updated in September 2018. It is A5, 44 pages.

This practical, easy to use book, has lots of tips, hints and advice to save time, money and frustration when using online family history resources.

It is a great book for both beginners and experienced researchers. Use it to start your research, expand on what you know and learn how to use technology and the latest online family history resources including wills and probate, civil registration, parish, census and cemetery records.

There is advice on storing and caring for records collected (paper based and digital). Learn more about archives and libraries, FamilySearch world coverage, eResources, eBooks, Cloud storage, Google, digital notebooks and mobile apps.

This edition was totally revised and updated in September 2018 to include lots of new and exciting family history resources.

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